Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holocaust survivor and kin dance where Shoah took place (I Will Survive)

Just reading the description, I immediately recognized the significance of this act, and I was in tears from the moment it started:
On a recent trip to Europe, a family of three generations (a Holocaust survivor, his daughter and his grandchildren) dance to Gloria Gaynor's pop song - 'I Will Survive' at concentration camps and memorials throughout Europe.

This clip was first edited with the help of my friend Pisithpong Siraphisit who runs Compeung Art Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This dance is a tribute to the tenacity of the human spirit and a celebration of life.

Despite the systematic brutality and cruelty endured, we have still survived.
For a survivor and two of his next generations to dance at places where the Shoah took place is not a disrespect to the victims, instead it is an affirmation of life and survival that truly honors them and further denigrates the perpetrators.

And I'm very glad the creators of this video captured the survivor's voice on it.

Bravo! I saved this to my PC before it got removed again. It will live on.

Even though I have downloaded it to my PC, see it here before it's taken down due to the copyright violation:

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