Monday, July 12, 2010

Al-Shabab's first attack outside of Somalia? Could it spell their doom?

Bombs strike World Cup watchers in Uganda, kill 64

"If Kaihura's suspicions that al-Shabab was responsible for the Uganda bombings prove true, it would be the first time the group has carried out attacks outside of Somalia." (emphasis added)
If so, it's an interesting move by the jihadis... hopefully it will prove to be a fatal choice.

Kenya is a significantly stronger country than Ethiopia, so maybe they can finish the job Ethiopia started a few years back.

Think back to Tanzania's crushing of Idi Amin's regime after he stirred up trouble for several of his neighbors.

Let's hope Kenya will smash Al-Shabab...


UPDATE: Kenyan forces, al Shabaab rebels clash on border


UPDATE 2: "US Warns sports fans in Kenya about possible terrorist attacks"

I told ya so! Kenya - Be ready and pounce HARD if the Jihadis hit there!!

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