Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama or Your Gun? You Can't Have Both (my new bumper sticker)

I just designed a new set of bumper stickers!


You can get them 2 for $5 with free shipping.

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TECHNICAL TIP: If you temporarily tape a bumper sticker inside the back window of your car, please be sure you don't put any tape over the window defroster strips. If you do, when you remove the tape, the defroster could be damaged.


You can bet that the Democrats will increase their majorities in both houses of Congress this year. If they get up to the 60 seat mark in the Senate, we're really hurting!

If you add to that a President O!bama, you can kiss your guns goodbye!


a. a 60-seat majority in the Senate means the Republicans (or pro-gun Democrats) cannot stage a filibuster to block bills.

b. Sen. Biden (who would be the new Vice President) is the guy who wrote the so-called "Assault Weapons" Ban.

c. Obama never met a ban he didn't like.

As much as we conservatives might disagree with John McCain, there's one thing we need him for right now: His veto pen.

P.S. If Obama is elected, look for Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Stevens to retire shortly after he takes office. This will give Obama a chance to solidify the liberal wing of the court and his next appointment would swing the court firmly to the Left for a generation. And one of those appointees may just be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

You have been warned!