Monday, June 2, 2008

Evan Sayet on Democrat Motivation & the Effects of an Obama Presidency

This short (3:19) audio clip brings an interesting insight into Democrat motivation and decision-making as offered by guest Evan Sayet on a recent Shire Network News podcast.

Sayet also speculates on what the world would be like four years afterward if Obama were elected.

The latter subject is somewhat inspired by Michael Novak's National Review article "Barack Obama's America".

Very interesting, and hard (for me) to argue with!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where is the World is Jalil Azad?

Where is the World is Jalil Azad? A recent article* in the Telegraph caught my interest. John Bolton, our former Ambassador to the United Nations, said that we should bomb Quds Force and Hezbollah terrorist training camps located inside Iran.

"Colonel Donald Bacon, a spokesman for the coalition in Baghdad, said captured fighters had told interrogators that thousands of Iraqi fighters were undergoing training in the Islamic Republic."

"The main camp is located near the town of Jalil Azad, near Tehran, according to coalition officials."

I thought it might be interesting to look at Jalil Azad on Google Earth, so I first set about to find it on a map. Google searches only turned up references to the Telegraph article, other reports citing it, and others commenting on it.

The one thing I didn't find was Jalil Azad! I dug deeper, but still came up dry.

I've written to several well-known commentators, bloggers, radio talk show hosts, the coalition in Iraq, and to the Telegraph.

Most did not reply, but those who did either just speculated or apparently sought to assure me or blow me off without informing me:

"(It's) possible this is the name of a base and not a town... let me ask around. My understanding is the bigger camps are closer to the border."

"Intelligence sources from Iranian Opposition forces have validated this training center outside of Tehran."

I've seriously considered writing snail mail to the Iranian interests section and to the People's Mujahedin of Iran (aka MEK, PMOI, and MKO) but I'm sure you can understand I'd worry about coming under unwanted scrutiny for my letters!

I would think there would be a lot of interest in this town, and even bigger news if no one else could find it!

Am I the only person asking this question?!

If anybody out there knows anything, please let me know!

* The Telegraph article may be found at


Thanks to some help via Google Groups, I found out there are two of them. One is close to Tehran and one 400 miles away, but closer to Iraq. The one outside Tehran is here:

Jalilabad, Iran

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Quite often I would hang around after school to talk about current events and history with Mr. Lawrence, and we even went together to see a young Rep. Dan Quayle give a speech against the Panama Canal Treaty. Afterwards, I shook Quayle's hand and complimented him on his talk.

My interest in politics and especially world affairs led me to discover short-wave radio (SWL, as opposed to ham radio) which enabled me to listen to the official radio broadcast propaganda from countries all around the world. For a Cold War kid like me, it was a blast!

My parents had two old antique radios. There were upright models about four feet high, with nice wooden cabinets. One had pushbutton presets, and the other had a round dial with a handle that moved in a semi-circle to tune it. They received AM and short-wave bands. One night while messing around with them, I heard other countries... I was spellbound!

Then one day in the grocery store, I spotted a magazine called Radio-Electronics, which sported a cover story about improving your short-wave reception. I bought that issue and still have it. I bought the parts I needed from Radio Shack, and my first project flopped, but it led to an interest in electronics, which lasts to this day.

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