Friday, October 2, 2009

The World's voters are "getting it", rejecting the left!

I really enjoy Dick Morris' commentary and insight. You may think he's just a domestic political strategist, but he's also pretty solid on economics and foreign policy.

I think his latest column is right on target:
Voters are getting that the cycle of deficit, debt, and inflation is the inevitable consequence of statist economic policies.

Germany's decisive turn away from the left in its national elections signals this sea change in political behavior. After a decade of drift to the left, voters have discovered their bearings and their senses just in time.

Not only did Germany's Social Democratic Party, the world's foremost socialist political organization, lose more than one third of its vote, but the free market Free Democratic Party grew by more than one third. Merkel, who had to govern in coalition with the Socialists, now can indulge her personal philosophy and form a conservative coalition to lead Germany out of the recession. Now, Merkel can, indeed, be the Thatcher of Germany.

The next shoe to drop will be in the United Kingdom where Gordon Brown and his discredited Labor Party trail the Conservatives by seventeen points. London must call for elections by June of 2010. Brown can delay the day of his party's reckoning until then, but it must come.

These conservative triumphs will set the stage for the American Congressional elections of 2010. It seems certain that Republicans will gain enormously although whether or not this surge will be enough to capture either or both Houses of Congress remains to be seen.

Voters get that an orgy of debt can lead to an orgy of inflation. What better nation to teach the world this fact of economic life than one whose nascent democracy was strangled in its cradle by the hyper-inflation of the 20s opening the door to Hitler's ascension to power?
I've been singing this tune since shortly after Obama got elected - that the left will fail and fall.

Let's Re-Arm the British People!

Here's something I just posted on, a site devoted to discussing how the right of self-defense can be re-established in the UK:
Greetings to all my British cousins who cherish their God-given Liberty even as your "fellow man" has unjustly taken it from you.

It breaks my heart to see you in the bondage of the State to the degree that you're enduring.

I'll be the first to admit how lucky I am to be an American in this day and age.

But I'd be remiss if I did not mention the debt of gratitude we owe you in the Anglosphere for our Liberty.

Luck and circumstance allowed us here in the US to go beyond the foundation you laid for us to allow us to codify and thus solidify that Liberty.

It has been said that lost Liberty cannot be restored, but those words were spoken in a different day and age, when man could not have been so well-informed and mobilized as he can today.

Yet another old adage states that one must strike while the iron is hot.

This is true with steel, and it is true with politics.

So take heart: Socialism and Statism are on the verge of their inevitable decline in Europe.

Concerted political organization and action in the face of this decline - especially when you add the justifiable fear of ever-increasing Islamization - can present you with an unmatched opportunity to not only take back but to codify and solidify your God-given Liberty.

So set yourselves to work reminding your fellow man that self-defense is not only a civil right, but a duty.

(God gave you life, so you have a right to keep it and defend it, after all)

Remind your neighbors of the Britain of yesterday that stood up to the challenges that threatened its very existence and that was prepared to toil and sacrifice.

This is a battle we cannot fight for you, but you can learn from our successes and failures.

Study what happened here, and what is still happening.

ALWAYS be civil and patient, and pray for wisdom and strength in the face of hysteria and emotion.

Sometimes minds can be hard to change, but young minds are much easier to guide and mentor to appreciate and then fight for Liberty.

Find open ground to plant the seeds of Liberty. Then water them. Nourish them. Many of them will grow to bear fruit long after you as an individual are gone.

To the extent that you can, take neighbors and associates as your guest to gun clubs or to shoot air rifles, etc.

Any time you can introduce someone to any form of shooting - while emphasizing the utmost safety in an environment of camaraderie and enjoyment - you have a good chance of creating a powerful convert and advocate.

Let's face it: When done safely, shooting is downright fun.

And it satisfies a basic and perfectly normal human instinct without harm or threat to anyone or anything.

I would also suggest that you contact certain organizations here in the US - join them if you can - and ask them for help and advice in your struggle:

Gun Owners of America -
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership -
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms -
Second Amendment Foundation -
National Shooting Sports Foundation -
National Rifle Association -

Good luck and Godspeed!

William E. Miller †
Stop by and give them any encouragement and advice you think will help them.

Still not convinced Brits are in distress?

Check out this disgusting article about the police advising a victim to forget about her being attacked so it doesn't inflame the situation!

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