Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jake 1996 - 2010. Good boy, Jake. Rest in peace, boy.

Jake RIP 1996 - 2010
We lost our black Labrador Retriever "Jake" late Friday / early Saturday January 16, 2010. He was almost 14.

Ever since he died, the song "Feed Jake" will not leave my mind.

I always seem to give several nicknames to an animal...

Dad usually called him "Jake the Snake" or just "Snake", so I called him that and "Snake Boy" (sort of after "Lobster Boy" - I dunno why).

I also called him "Sneaky Snake" after the Tom T. Hall song.

When my wife Jackie would mow the grass, he would hide out in the grass watching her until she got close, then move to another spot. For that I called him "Snake in the Grass".

Once in a while we called him "Seal Boy" because of the way he would whine and bark like a seal. We had heard about a lab that got rescued from a fire and when the fireman first heard it, he thought it was a pet seal.

Jake yelped and whined just like a little puppy when his mommy would come home. He loved his mommy more than anything, and I was happy to take second place to him. I think I'm lucky he didn't have thumbs!

But more than anything, I called him "my old buddy", and he was indeed that.

We made this short video of him when we took him to Mounds State Park last year. He liked it out there.

We dearly loved him and we miss him. He was a great companion.

Good boy, Jake. Rest in peace, boy.

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Background on Glenn Beck's "Revolutionary Holocaust" documentary

If you missed Glenn Beck's documentary "Revolutionary Holocaust", I highly recommend that you watch it here or below.

Then be sure to see the documentary on which Glenn relied heavily in making his. It's called "The Soviet Story".

Even as big a buff of World War 2 and the Cold War as I am, I was blown away by it.

For example, its exposé of George Bernard Shaw as a supporter of Stalin, Hitler, and eugenics was stunning.

But it is backed up with old video of Shaw asking societal "parasites" to "kindly justify your existence".

And it ties Hitler to Marx even tighter than I had known.

Wow.... Just. Wow.

These two documentaries together constitute a damning indictment of Socialism and Progressivism.

may be remembered as the point in history when the "Beck Bomb" was dropped on the Left.

We can hope....

You can see "The Soviet Story" online
here or below.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

“US has to break with its superpower arrogance” – Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers recently spoke with Russian TV network RT (formerly Russia Today). *sigh*
Published 11 January, 2010, 09:25

Edited 13 January, 2010, 09:55

The US should give up its superpower ambitions and put itself on equal footing with other nations – otherwise, it will find itself at an impasse, believes American scholar Bill Ayers.

“The arrogance of shouting your opinion and unwillingness to hear anything in response is something that puts us in a parallel situation. It means we can’t grow, we can’t change,” he told RT.

“It has already created problems for the US and they are getting bigger. I think what we need is to break from that tradition of American foreign policy of the last sixty years or longer and really imagine ourselves entering into the world as a nation among nations – not as a superpower, not as police of the world. We need to enter into the conversation with respect – for ourselves, but also respect for others.”

Professor Ayers also responded to the criticism from talk show host Bill O’Reilly, who mocked his recent interview with RT.

“Bill O’Reilly is apparently unhappy about me, unhappy that I had something to say but he did not say anything about the content what I have said. That interview that we did had a lot of content. One of the things we talked about how a country like the United States with less than five per cent of the world’s population can kind of police the world and have a trillion dollar military budget,” Ayers said.

“So the media ought to have taken that content – not trying to scream or yell or make slogans about who’s saying what. But this is what Bill O’Reilly specializes in,” he added.
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