Thursday, March 5, 2009

Save the Newspapers! Encourage them to take gun ads!

Newspapers in this country are in trouble. There are a few ways they can be helped.

Staffers at the Seattle Post Intelligencer are trying to get subscribers and philanthropists to fund the online version - at least temporarily - if and when the paper is sold:
Seattle is at risk of losing both of its daily newspapers, and along with them, the professional daily newspaper writers, reporters, investigators, editors, photographers and others who help keep you informed about news in your city, school and neighborhood.
This site is our effort to bring together all the ideas that have been circulating among different groups and organizations, at coffee shops and pubs during the last few weeks and see if we can all get behind one or two good plans that will keep Seattle's long history of competitive and professional journalism thriving.
Contribute your ideas, your expertise, and $10, $50 or even $250 as an early pledge-giver did at and let's get the show rolling.
While I am very "plugged in" to Web-based news sources, I do still enjoy a good local newspaper and I hope a way can be found to save most if not all print editions.

It's just a lot nicer to sit at a picnic table, kitchen table or on the porch with a newspaper than with a laptop.

I've always liked the printed page and always will. It's a daily ritual of mine to print out a dozen or so articles and columns of interest for later reading. Sort of my own little newspaper, I guess.

Print all you want! We'll make more!

After all, trees are our only renewable natural resource, right?! Keep the tree guys and the paper guys in business, too, right?!

Seriously, one thing about these newspapers that we should really pat them on the back for is that they take gun ads! They should put that on their home page!

Despite any of their editorial positions, since they do take gun ads, folks should write and thank them for that, and maybe drop them a few coins while you're at it.

If you're in or near Seattle, consider placing a gun ad with them, or even buying a gun that's listed and then telling the paper you bought via their ad.

If your local paper refuses gun classifieds, you definitely should write a polite letter to the editor urging them to take gun ads and then splash that fact on the Web site's home page.

Not only will they have a little more revenue, they may get a few more subscribers to boot.

After all, while serious gun owners are usually very conscious of who is for them and who is against them, they can be surprisingly forgiving.

Yes, even toward those who have opposed their civil rights to self-defense and gun ownership.

But only after the offenders repent.

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