Sunday, February 15, 2009

Indiana gun dealer Don Davis is no friend of gun rights or gun owners

(INDIANAPOLIS) - A handgun that police say was stolen during a burglary of an Indianapolis gun store is returned to the store for repairs.

Full WRTV6 news report with comments here. See the full video report here.

First of all, please listen to the whole report. So many of these comments on this story seem to indicate that the poster was not listening.

The most outrageous part of this story was that the cops released the guy who violated the terms of his work release.

The second is yet another of gun dealer Don Davis' self-serving, anti-freedom statements against gun rights, which he has so often uttered, all the while claiming to support the Second Amendment and the gun owners:
"Indiana has the worst gun laws there is. (sic) Any criminal can get a gun, no problem at all."
Truth is, Indiana has some of the best gun laws in the country, since they don't infringe the Second Amendment nearly as much as other States do.

Don't kid yourself. I've never believed for a minute that Don Davis, a former dockworker and Teamster's union "official" (*cough*) was ever a friend of gun rights.
"I don't want to make any money, I just love to sell guns" -- has made Don Davis the face of gun sales in Indiana.

But that winking catchphrase, which ends Davis' low-budget TV commercials, fools no one. Least of all, Davis himself.

"I've been singing and dancing and lying about not wanting to make any money," said the 70-year-old owner of Don's Guns and Galleries. "Every day I get up and I'm still in the clouds."

- Indianapolis Star, November 2003

Here's more, in case you need it:
In his own way, Davis is a gun-control advocate. He put up a sign at Don's Guns and Galleries congratulating President Clinton on the 1994 passage of the Brady Act, which requires background checks on all gun store customers. He has campaigned to restrict concealed-weapons permits and advocates extending background checks into the realm of private gun sales.

- Denver Post Dec. 19, 1999 - (mirror)

Methinks Don wants to eliminate all private gun sales not due to concerns about public safety, but because he's a big gun dealer and that would mean more business to him.

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