Saturday, January 23, 2010

Background on Glenn Beck's "Revolutionary Holocaust" documentary

If you missed Glenn Beck's documentary "Revolutionary Holocaust", I highly recommend that you watch it here or below.

Then be sure to see the documentary on which Glenn relied heavily in making his. It's called "The Soviet Story".

Even as big a buff of World War 2 and the Cold War as I am, I was blown away by it.

For example, its exposé of George Bernard Shaw as a supporter of Stalin, Hitler, and eugenics was stunning.

But it is backed up with old video of Shaw asking societal "parasites" to "kindly justify your existence".

And it ties Hitler to Marx even tighter than I had known.

Wow.... Just. Wow.

These two documentaries together constitute a damning indictment of Socialism and Progressivism.

may be remembered as the point in history when the "Beck Bomb" was dropped on the Left.

We can hope....

You can see "The Soviet Story" online
here or below.


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