Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Defeating Full-Body Scanners (what a waste of money!)

HEADLINE: O'Hare to Get Full-Body Scanners

HEADLINE: Netherlands Will Immediately Implement Full Body Scans for All US-Bound Passengers

So the terrorists will just get loaded up with bomb belts and detonate them while they're in the middle of those long lines of people waiting to get scanned and have their baggage X-rayed.

Then what?

We'd have to move the screening to the curb. Then they would roll up in a car or truck bomb.

Then we'd have to have random vehicle inspections on the roadways...

But at least the security and law enforcement growth industries will make more money and we'll lose more of our freedom and privacy.

The solution is an armed, polite population and scrutiny of those who are worthy of suspicion.

UPDATE: From the Monday Jan. 4, 2010

While the United States and other countries beef up airport searches for terrorists, an Israeli expert advises that eying passenger behavior is critical for preventing attacks.

Rafi Sela, a security consultant at Ben Gurion International Airport, explained to the Canadian news agency Canwest, "If you have a suicide bomber or somebody who wants to make an impact, he doesn't have to bring down a plane. He can just explode in the middle of this huge crowd that is waiting for security."

UPDATE: From the Monday Jan. 4, 2010 Guardian New scanners break child porn laws


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To lighten the mood after a serious post, here's a Hamas fighter in a photo taken after they took over a border crossing with Egypt.

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