Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama "wins" Nobel Peace Prize as NAACP snubs King to praise appeaser Kofi Annan

In its praise of Obama, the NAACP conspicuously failed to mention Martin Luther King, Jr., but they included FIRST on their exemplary list of Nobel Peace Prize* winners one Kofi Annan.

photo - Kofi Anna (l) meets Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe at the UN

This little man - a consummate appeaser - was the United Nations Secretary General from 1997 through 2007, and here's what he said in his farewell UN appearance when asked to name the best and worst times during his tenure:

“I think the worst moment was the Iraq war which as an Organization we couldn’t stop and I really did everything I can to try to see if we could stop it.”

Yet by May 2001, nearly TWO YEARS before the Iraq War even began, on his own home continent the Congo Civil War (also called "Africa's World War") had already claimed 2.5 million lives.

The Congo Civil War had already bumped the Iran-Iraq War (with as many as 1.5 million dead) from its infamous spot as number two in overall body count next to the 50 million plus death toll of World War Two.

No, no! Iraq was worse!

Well, give that man a prize!

(Oh wait - they already did...)

* after the winner spends the cool million, a Nobel Peace Prize and a dollar will get him a lottery ticket

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Ed said...

Kofi Annan: accomplice to mass murder does it again!
Ed Lasky March 9, 2012

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