Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Teacher, Can We Leave Now? No. (Afghanistan)

You may be repelled at the idea of reading a Thomas Friedman column, but this one deserves your time and attention:

Teacher, Can We Leave Now? No.
Pushghar, Afghanistan
Published: July 18, 2009
"I confess, I find it hard to come to Afghanistan and not ask: Why are we here? Who cares about the Taliban? Al Qaeda is gone. And if its leaders come back, well, that’s why God created cruise missiles."

"But every time I start writing that column, something stills my hand."
Seriously. This is worth a read. Good fodder for those of us who support the War.

How can anybody say we declared war on Islam?

Al Qaeda and the Taliban did!

Update July 21:

Along this same vein, Michael Yon has just posted some interesting photos with ample captioning, covering the Eastern European troops in Afghanistan and their roles and opinions about the work there. Highly recommended.


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