Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Satan on Obama vs. Jimmy Carter

Those (including me) who were convinced that Obama would represent Jimmy Carter's second term, are being proven correct.

But as I have also said, there is an ominous difference.

Satan himself nails it in
this interview with Churchill's parrot (emhpasis mine):
"CP: President Jimmy Carter was of little more use in such instances, was he not? What’s the difference now?"

"S: Carter, though useful, was genuinely weak. Obama is not weak. He is a devout Relativist. Thus he believes quite deeply that America is no better than any other nation. That she has no special responsibility to maintain the peace in the world. That she has no right to the riches she enjoys. And that she is a bully and a rogue who must be brought to justice before the world. More importantly, Obama has the talent and the will to convert the unbelievers to this worldview."
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