Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The US Navy Hymn: Something to think about in these troubled times...

I've never been in the Navy, nor have I served in the military at all.

But this song (and military sacrifice in general) has always touched me VERY deeply.

Part of it is the overwhelming helplessness I feel at even the thought of ever being in trouble at sea.

Plus, being in trouble at sea is an archetype of one's being a lost soul, which of course we all are...

When I was a kid, a Terre Haute (Indiana) TV station I could pick up (from my boyhood home a few miles southwest of Indianapolis) in the wee hours played a Navy video with this song as one of the sign-off videos in their rotation.

It touched me so much that I wrote to the station to thank them for it - and I got a letter back from the program manager thanking me.

First, please look at the various versions of the lyrics and the back story of the Navy Hymn here:

After you read that, listen to this rendition of it:

This is one of those memories that one forgets until something triggers it...

In closing, let me say a heartfelt thanks to all of you veterans for your service to our country.

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