Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Little About Me


I've been interested in politics, current events and world affairs for over 30 years (since my Freshman year of high school) thanks to my Civics teacher Mr. Tony Lawrence.

Quite often I would hang around after school to talk about current events and history with Mr. Lawrence, and we even went together to see a young Rep. Dan Quayle give a speech against the Panama Canal Treaty. Afterwards, I shook Quayle's hand and complimented him on his talk.

My interest in politics and especially world affairs led me to discover short-wave radio (SWL, as opposed to ham radio) which enabled me to listen to the official radio broadcast propaganda from countries all around the world. For a Cold War kid like me, it was a blast!

My parents had two old antique radios. There were upright models about four feet high, with nice wooden cabinets. One had pushbutton presets, and the other had a round dial with a handle that moved in a semi-circle to tune it. They received AM and short-wave bands. One night while messing around with them, I heard other countries... I was spellbound!

Then one day in the grocery store, I spotted a magazine called Radio-Electronics, which sported a cover story about improving your short-wave reception. I bought that issue and still have it. I bought the parts I needed from Radio Shack, and my first project flopped, but it led to an interest in electronics, which lasts to this day.

Needless to say, my project building skills got better!

For several years, I wrote a pro-gun newsletter turned newspaper column called "GunFax". That was very enjoyable, but the payoff never justified the time, so I recently put it on the shelf.

I've been an electronics technician for over 25 years, with diverse experience in industrial engineering, fabrication, prototype construction, circuit design and repair.

I am an independent electronics repair technician engaged in the repair of microwave oven and other control panels (circuit boards) for commercial customers and consumers nationwide. I specialize in microwave control panels with failed displays, dead units, and units whose cooktop / stovetop lights are not dead or stuck on. (See links below).

My other interests include fishing, the outdoors, small engine repair, and repairing and tinkering in my garage. As our kids stretch their wings, my wife and I are beginning to get out and enjoy ourselves a little. That's really nice.

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